• How to produce an image–video of your school and country

    Thematic : Activities 1 = activities of collaboration (transversal skills)

    Main aim : Help the apprentices and their teachers to create a motivating image-Video of their school and country to help future exchange-students to get a basic orientation and some engaging impressions of the school before the travel.

    Language :  The image-video should be in English for international standards.

    English level : B2 or up

    Professional sector : cross-cutting

    Pre-requisite : none / knowledge of the school, the town and the region with possible activities and hotspots around

    (The teacher should have some basic experiences in filming and editing Video)

    Tools needed : Internet connection, a video-cam (or a photo-camera with video function, or even a modern smartphone optionally an external microphone), PC/Mac with an video-editing tool (iMovie (Mac), Windows’s Moviemaker (WIN), or Adobe Premiere (MAC/WIN) and some speakers or headphones for audio-output, optionally a tripod with articulated/swivel head and a video-lighter

    Characteristic of the sequence : This learning- sequence can be adapted according to the skills of the apprentices and the individual range of possible activities offered by the school or the region

    Function : Before physical mobility (in order to prepare it (giving a basic orientation of the school, the way to it, the people) and for giving a short Impression of the town’s nightlife or activities to take away fears and to confirm the students’ resolution to visit our school.

    pdf_telechargement skills video video
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    • 1

      Characteristic: obligatory
      Mode: in classroom
      Duration: 1.5h (2 units)
      Language: native language

    • 2

      Characteristic: Obligatory
      Mode: in classroom
      Duration: 1.5h (2u)
      Language: native language and English for the script

    • 3

      Characteristic: Obligatory
      Mode: in groups of 4-6 students and the teacher
      Duration: 0.5-1h/Group
      Language: native language and English for the texts

    • 4

      Characteristic: Optional
      Mode: in the field
      Duration: 1-5h
      Language: native language / English for the speakers

    • 5

      Characteristic: Obligatory
      Mode: in classroom and at home
      Duration: 2h (+xh at home)
      Language: native language

    • 6

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