• Using a didactic video for wheel assembling

    Thematic: Teaching activity

    Main aim: be able to proceed to the wheel assembling/disassembling by myself  

    Language: French  

     - Synchronous sessions: french  

    - Other sessions: french 

    Target audience’s level:  first year of apprenticeship - automobile training

    Professional sector: cross-cutting          

    Pre-requisite: in relation to the profession – wheel assembling

    Tools needed: Internet connection, DVD, computer and blackboard  

    Characteristic of the sequence: The sequence is adapted to the students’ level and profession. This will lead them to assembly a wheel in autonomy.

    Function: This sequence is prepared for students in 1st year of vulcanization training. The sequence will lead them to the ability of wheel assembly and better knowledge of the materials they need. The video sequence recorded in advance will show them how to proceed and will give them the opportunity to watch the video at home in order to prepare them for the practical evaluation. They will also prepare some media material in order to get used to the method and present it afterwards. This way, they will be able to re-explain the methods to others.  The advantage of the video is also that absent students will have the opportunity to watch it at home and in the same way, trainees could watch the video again and again till they will manage the technique. The video sequence is made BY STUDENTS for students.

    pdf_telechargement skills video video
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    • 1

      Characteristic : obligatory

      Mode : in classroom - plenary

      Duration : 1 hour

      Langage : French

    • 2

      Characteristic : obligatory

      Mode : in classroom – plenary

      Duration : 1 hours

      Language : French
    • 3

      Characteristic : obligatory

      Mode : in workshop + classroom 

      Duration : 1.5 hours

      Language : French

    • 4

      Characteristic : obligatory

      Mode : at home

      Duration : 15 minutes

      Language : French

    • 5

      Characteristic : obligatory

      Mode : at workshop

      Duration : 0.5 hour

      Language : French

    • 6

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